Philip Horger's personal site

I use the main site a bit personally, but I really do need a genuinely personal site, beyond just my blog. So I'm going to do that here. And maybe later I'll actually update the crazy old infrastructure, using Hugo and a newer version of Ubuntu.

Main trouble will be finding somewhere to archive the old Orchard information. It's completely out of date, I just like it for nostalgia purposes. "Oh, that's back when I thought I could just use CTree for all my concurrency engine needs, and work out a permissions layer on top of it! How quaint!" See this blog entry for more info about the new design (a symbiotic, container-based relationship between DEJE and CTree). DEJE is actually coming along nicely, which is a relief, even if the protocol is still a bit of a toy/placeholder.

This site is on both Hyperboria (HypeDNS link) and the regular internet.